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Gardeners in Tunbridge Wells

Tunbridge Wells is famous for its beautiful gardens and it even has its own interactive garden tour which takes in the magnificent gardens at Sissinghurst Castle and Batemans but also some lesser-known gems hidden away in the town. Located in a county famous for its temperate climate and offering the perfect mix of sunshine and rainfall, Kent is the ideal location for keen growers and gardeners.

If you are looking for a gardener this spring then why not use Gardening Costs to help you select a tried and trusted professional for your gardening work whether your plans are ambitious, modest or you just need an extra pair of hands now and again.

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Many people perceive that gardeners are either for big gardens with lots of work or for those who want a re-design or makeover and landscaping but a gardener can help in so many different ways.

  • Let the gardener take the strain and do the jobs you hate whether its weeding or cutting the grass
  • A gardener can help with more labour intensive and heavy projects which may require manpower and perhaps machinery
  • A gardener will supply all the tools needed so you don’t have to
  • If your downtime is limited then use it to relax in your garden rather than working in it with the services of a regular gardener
  • Use a specialist to come and makeover your garden so that you can have the garden you always dreamed of
  • Love your borders and lawn but want something lower maintenance?  Use a gardener rather than opting for hard surfaces and shrubs which will save a lot of gardening time but is not ultimately the garden design you want
  • Tackle big projects like tree removal and patio construction
  • If your expertise and experience are limited then use a gardener to help you explore new territories like a herb garden, water features or climbing plants
  • Take all the stress out of worrying whether the weather forecast will chime with the time you have available to garden – this can be incredibly stressful in the growing season. Let a gardener look after your garden, available to work when the weather allows
  • If your mobility or physical ability is limited either due to illness or age or perhaps you are temporarily incapacitated then let a gardener do those jobs which you can’t manage like reaching up to height or kneeling down to weed beds

If you are ready to leap into springtime then use Gardening Costs to help you source just the right pair of green fingers to help transform your garden whatever you want to achieve.

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Finding a good gardener in Tunbridge Wells

Good gardeners are hard to find and rather than relying on someone found on a random internet search, just save time and effort and choose one of our trusted professionals.

Spend a few minutes typing in your details and then wait to receive three or four free quotes from gardeners in Tunbridge Wells who are local to your postcode.

Compare the quotes, don’t just look at the price, see what has been included or left out.  Check out the reviews and feedback on our website so you can benefit from other people’s experience. Next, decide whether it is better to pay an hourly rate or a fixed price; gardeners vary in how they charge, some work for an hourly fee whereas others have fixed prices for common services such as lawn care.

Don’t forget extras which may not be on the quote like garden waste disposal, equipment hire and fuel for specialist tools.

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Gardeners in Tunbridge Wells

Let Gardening Costs help you find the best gardener in Tunbridge Wells to create a beautiful garden for 2021. Whether you plan grand designs or just want some help with weekly chores, we will have the gardener for you.

Gardening Jobs in Tunbridge Wells average costs

Grass cutting services


Cost: From £10 an hour

Lawn mowing prices explained


Cost: From £15-£40 an hour

Gardening Cost per Hour

image from: https://www.onlineturf.co.uk/knowledge-base/blog/how-quickly-do-i-need-to-lay-my-new-turf

Cost: From £15 an hour

Frequently Asked Questions                

Is my personal data safe?

All the details you input into our site are safely stored and kept in accordance with current GDPR.

How do I pay a gardener?

It varies, some gardeners like cash whereas others will issue a bill which you can pay in cash or online

Do I need to provide garden tools and equipment?

Most gardeners will use their own tools and equipment; it depends a lot on what the job is and how regularly they work in your garden. For specialist tasks like large lawns, tree felling or stump grinding, they will either use their own equipment or hire in anything they don’t have.  You may be required to pay for fuel costs for non-electric equipment but this could just be included n the hourly rate or set price for the work.

Who disposes of the garden waste?

This depends on the arrangement you have with your gardener and how much waste is generated.  Small amounts like lawn clippings can be managed using a compost heap which will benefit other areas of the garden.  Large amounts of debris and wood will probably need to be removed so discuss with your gardener how this will happen and whether there will be any additional cost like skip hire.

Finding the right Tunbridge Wells gardener for you

There is no limit to the number of times you can use the Gardening Costs website, just change the job description, add your postcode and wait for the quotes.  Find different gardeners with different skills and expertise to suit your plans.  We offer a range of large gardening companies, landscaping and tree specialists right through to local individuals who work as sole traders – there is something for everyone.

Read the reviews on site and check out genuine customer feedback.

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It just takes a few minutes to type in the details of your job and postcode and then just sit back and wait for the free quotes to arrive. Why rely on searching online for people you don’t know anything about and who may not be available for your scheme or project.  Use our bank of tried and trusted gardening professionals and enjoy a beautiful garden in 2021.