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It’s hard to think about springtime during the cold and wet winter weather but spring is just around the corner now and the days are starting to draw out. Bath is home to some of the finest period architecture in the UK. Whether your garden is the jewel in the crown to a classic townhouse or that essential modernist space for a contemporary property, we can find the best gardener to suit your requirements.

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Gardening is a bit like farming, it pays off to work a season ahead so you should start now to get your garden spring-ready.  We can supply a network of garden expertise from our portfolio of gardeners in Bath and help you find just the right quote for your job. 

We understand how important green space is in your life whether you treasure your plants, want to cultivate attractive borders or make your lawn the main focus.  Everyone wants to enjoy a well-kept and attractive outside space without spending huge amounts of time or money creating it. 

Find a gardener local to you quickly and easily using our simple system which will match your needs with three suitable gardeners in Bath and the surrounding areas providing you with no-obligation quotes for your job.  It couldn’t be easier.

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Gardening Services in Bath

If you live in Bath, we will connect you to a professional gardener who will help you in: 

  • Pruning and trimming of bushes and trees in your yard
  • Monitoring and maintaining the health of plants
  • Dealing with pest problems that could endanger your plants
  • Maintaining all your gardening machinery and equipment such as leaf blowers, trimmers and mowers.
  • Mulch, edge and weed your garden
  • Trimming, mowing and fertilising the green spaces in your yard
  • Installing and maintaining seasonal plants

Find gardening in Bath who:

  • Is experienced
  • Is familiar with landscaping design
  • Knows the local pests and how to eliminate them
  • Extensively knows the regional plant life
  • Knows the natural and synthetic fertilizers
  • Is hardworking
  • Knows the state safety and health regulations for landscaping

What can a gardener do for your garden?

image from: https://homeguides.sfgate.com/change-front-garden-grass-gravel-21011.html

Whether you want regular help throughout the warmer months, a pre-spring blitz or a complete makeover, there is a gardener out there for you.  Here are just some of the tasks our gardeners can help with:-

  • Mowing the lawn and grass care and maintenance is one of the most time consuming but visually rewarding jobs during the warmer months.  Let our gardeners take the strain so you can sit back and enjoy a perfect green expanse when you want to relax and socialise during the evenings and weekends
  • Planting flowers and planning splashes of colour whether you like borders, planters and tubs or hanging baskets
  • Hedge cutting and the trimming of large shrubs, avoid that untidy and unkempt look with neat hedging and tidy shrubbery.  A gardener will always have the right power tool for the job saving you the cost of an expensive purchase and the headache of storage
  • Sitting in the garden or eating outside is one the nicest pleasures during the summer so if you are planning some new decking or a patio area then we can supply a garden designer to do all the hard work for you
  • Garden clearance is a horrible job but a gardener or garden company can make light work of this messy and unpleasant task and save you the time of doing it yourself
  •  If you need to remove small trees or tree stumps then our experienced gardeners will be able to organise safe tree removal and stump grinding

The benefits of hiring a gardener

Let’s face it, gardening can be a time-consuming chore if you are a busy person and don’t have much gardening knowledge.  Certain tasks need to be performed at specific times and it can be hard to fit this in around family and work commitments.

A gardener takes care of all the aggravation leaving you free to enjoy your garden in your spare time without always feeling that you have to work in it.  There is nothing nicer than walking outside into a beautiful garden and knowing that you don’t have to worry about mowing the lawn or weeding the flower beds.

Share the work with your gardener

Some people enjoy certain tasks around the garden so you can leave the ones you don’t to one of our gardeners.  If you struggle with heavy work or constant bending or kneeling then allocate the more challenging activities to the gardener leaving you free to potter about and do the jobs you feel are within your reach.  This is the ideal help for those with a physical impairment or disability or a temporary incapacity after an accident or operation.

Some householders just want occasional help with big projects like laying a patio or decking or creating a new garden area or maybe removing a tree.  Other people like regular weekly help with high maintenance jobs like mowing the lawn and looking after the grass.  It’s whatever works for you, your garden and your lifestyle.

The main two things a gardener will give you are time and expertise.  Let our gardeners allow you to maximise your free time outside and help you manage gardening work that may be too complicated for your skill level.  Enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of a professional garden with one of our gardeners in Bath.

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Find out more about Gardening job prices

Gardening Costs was set up to educate the general public about prices for popular garden jobs so that they can make an informed decision when getting quotes from gardeners. On our site you'll find useful cost information and explanations regarding typical gardening jobs such as lawn mowing, hedge cutting and more. 

View our cost guides below and find out more about your project.


Gardening Jobs in Bath average costs

Grass cutting services


Cost: From £10 an hour

Lawn mowing prices explained


Cost: From £15-£40 an hour

Gardening Cost per Hour

image from: https://www.onlineturf.co.uk/knowledge-base/blog/how-quickly-do-i-need-to-lay-my-new-turf

Cost: From £15 an hour

Frequently Asked Questions about Gardening Costs

  • I am keying in personal details, how secure is my data?

The Gardening Costs website is fully GDPR compliant and your data securely stored.

  • Can I see any past reviews of the gardeners who have sent me quotes?

The site keeps past reviews and feedback about all the gardeners in Bath so you will be able to check out the track record of those gardeners who have sent you a quote.

  • How can I choose a good gardener in Bath?

Value for money is very important but don’t always opt for the lowest quote automatically; the quote may be lower because some key elements have been left out if you are comparing one with another.

Never choose a gardener who asks for money upfront.  It would be normal to pay some sort of deposit for a larger project like laying a patio or decking, building a shed or constructing a fence but otherwise, it would not usually be the norm to ask for a deposit.

Agree on terms carefully, are you paying by the hour or by the job or task?  If you are paying by the job say mowing the lawn then agree a fixed figure upfront.  If you are working on an hourly rate then agree the work to be done in a specified period and what it will cost.

  • How does Gardening Costs work?

Just key in the details of the work you want to be done on the online form, tell us where you live and then sit back and wait for up to four quotes to drop into your inbox.  The quotes will all be from gardeners in Bath local to your postcode who have responded specifically to the work you have advertised.