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Gardeners in Surrey

Surrey is home to many different styles of architecture, with plenty of Victorian and Edwardian properties in the area close to London stretching out to rural villages in the Surrey countryside with pretty cottages and manor houses. With such a variety of gardens across the county, Surrey is home to a wealth of good gardeners and the best way to find them is through our service.

Whether you have a sprawling family garden with lots of different areas, an old-style cottage garden or a chic minimalist space in an urban setting, we will have a gardener for you. Our range of professional and reputable gardeners is easy to access, just type in your postcode and list the jobs you need help with.

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Finding the best gardener in Surrey

It always pays to get ahead in the garden whether you are doing clearance work, planning a new design or preparing beds for spring planting. We have gardeners in Surrey and beyond who can help you transform your garden this spring. Choose from a range of quotes from reputable, professional gardeners with authentic customer feedback for you to review.

Our system is easy to use and will find a gardener in Surrey to perfectly match your needs. It’s quick and secure providing you with a selection of free quotes without any obligation. Save time and find the right gardener for you and turn your garden plans in 2021 into reality.

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Gardeners in Surrey

Gardeners are not for other people, they are for everyone, with a range of different skills and services and the option to use them regularly or just for designated projects.   

  • Have help with those frequent chores of clipping shrubs, trimming hedges, weeding flower beds and cutting the grass, ideal if you are a busy person
  • Gardeners offer one-off services like complete or partial garden clearance and also re-landscaping for new designs
  • Your gardener will bring his own tools so you won’t need to acquire and store a collection of garden equipment, not always easy if you have a compact garden and don’t have room for a shed
  • Opt for a makeover, a gardener can advise you what will work best for your garden with regard to soil type, shade and which way the garden faces. You don’t need to employ an expensive garden designer and a gardener can help you obtain the right plants and shrubs and other hard landscaping materials
  • If you always feel behind the curve with your garden then employ a gardener to take back control and ditch that idea of paving it over for an easy life
  • Visit new ideas with the current fashion for sensory areas in the garden and do your bit for the environment to encourage birdlife and insects – your gardener can advise which plants will work best
  • It’s not just time which can be limited, if you are struggling with heavy work due to age or a physical restriction then a  gardener can share the load and do the manual work of weeding and digging out beds whilst you concentrate on lighter tasks

Find a gardener in Surrey

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Searching randomly online will bring up lots of possible contenders but how do you know if the gardener you are choosing is any good, offers value for money and is professional and reliable in his work? You could ask around for a recommendation but good gardeners are invariably always busy.

Use our service and choose from a selection of tried and trusted gardeners in Surrey with authentic feedback and reviews left by real customers just like you.

Key in your location – just the postcode will do – and enter some information about the sort of work you need help with in your garden. The more detail you can give the better and it also helps to say whether you want regular help, some support during the growing season or if this is just for a one-off project.

Three free quotes will land in your inbox and it’s up to you which one to choose. It might help to think about how you want to pay the gardener; some large or one-off jobs are often quoted as a fixed price but other regular smaller maintenance jobs like grass cutting or weeding are often calculated based on an hourly rate.

Make sure you discuss carefully the different aspects of the job before you agree to hire. There should be no hidden extras like a fuel charge for power tools or waste disposal costs for garden debris that you are not aware of from the outset.

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You can still garden if you hire a gardener

Some people don’t want to lift a finger but you might decide to leave some of the routine tasks like weeding, leaf clearance and cutting the grass to a gardener so you are free to get to those activities or plans that you never seem to have time for.

If you have limited mobility or physical impairment, a gardener can help you with some of the heavier tasks like bending over to weed beds or digging. You might be recovering from illness or injury and need some short term help to keep your garden in line while you get better.

If you have grand plans, then a gardener or garden company can manage big one-off jobs like installing a patio, laying decking or a new lawn.

A gardener will give you the gifts of time and expertise and help you to create a garden that you will be proud of. Let our service help you to remove the stress and worry of managing your garden this spring with one of our Surrey gardeners, chosen by you and reviewed by other site users.

Gardening Jobs in Surrey average costs

Grass cutting services


Cost: From £10 an hour

Lawn mowing prices explained


Cost: From £15-£40 an hour

Gardening Cost per Hour

image from: https://www.onlineturf.co.uk/knowledge-base/blog/how-quickly-do-i-need-to-lay-my-new-turf

Cost: From £15 an hour

Frequently Asked Questions

What does garden maintenance involve?

Garden maintenance covers any gardening job whether large or small. Many tasks are repetitive particularly in the spring and summer so might include pruning, weeding and cutting the grass.

Is it better to opt for a fixed price rather than an hourly rate?

It often depends on what the job or jobs are and how the gardener wants to charge.  Fixed pricing works out better and more economical on defined jobs like laying a patio or relaying a lawn but for most regular garden maintenance, an hourly rate is usually the most appropriate way to price the work. Take, for example, cutting the grass. That could be a relatively quick job but on other occasions, there could be other work involved like tidying the edges, raking off moss or pulling out weeds; an hourly rate can accurately reflect this whereas a fixed price can’t which is why for most routine tasks, gardeners tend to use an hourly rate to work by.                  

Is garden waste included in the hourly rate?

Gardeners will usually dispose of a certain amount of waste within their usual pricing structure and you can, of course, lose some around the garden if you have a compost heap. Larger amounts of debris however may incur a disposal charge.

Do gardeners work at the weekend?

Gardeners often work on Saturday and Sunday as they may have to catch up with work which has been prevented by the weather during the week. If this is when you want to enjoy your garden in peace and quiet then you need to discuss this with your gardener.

How easy is it to use Gardening Costs?

It’s quick, simple, safe and secure, we have done all the hard work so all you need to do is add in your details and type out some detail on the work you need help with.  All our quotes are free and without any obligation. You can use the site as often as you want as your gardening requirements change.

Embrace those warmer days and look forward to when the clocks change and the coming of spring with a lovely new garden and a gardener from Gardening Costs.