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If you have a garden with a lawn then grass cutting is going to be one of your biggest tasks throughout the growing season, between about March and October. Plenty of gardeners and gardening companies offer grass cutting services so who might want to take advantage of these?

  • Busy families who don’t want to spend their weekends cutting the grass
  • Large lawns which have become too much for their owners either through ill health or infirmity
  • Full-time workers who are simply not at home enough to have the time helps you answer the question "Where can I find reputable gardener services near me?" Quicker and easier than ever before. Simply enter the details of your grass cutting needs below and we will get costs from local gardeners near you. Fill out the form below. Time to complete: 30 seconds!

What are the advantages of a grass cutting service?

Small lawns can be cut quite quickly but large lawns do take a long time particularly if you are still using a hand mower rather than a ride-on machine. However, a good ride on mower will cost you in the region of £2,000 and you need to have somewhere to store it so some people prefer to get a gardener in to cut the grass using their own equipment.

Grass cutting services can remove the chore of regular grass cutting which has to be done without fail during the warmer months. If you are busy with work or family commitments then it is easy for the gardening to get squeezed out or for you to find the only time you ever have available to cut the grass is when it is raining.

  • Grass cutting services can come in during the week and keep your lawns looking immaculate leaving you free to enjoy your weekends without the chore of gardening
  • They can work around the weather
  • They will have a range of machinery including hand mowers and ride on mowers which will get through the work as quickly as possible whilst also delivering the best possible cut
  • It will avoid you having to buy, store and run potentially expensive garden machinery

how much does a gardener cost?

How much will it cost?

On a simple gardener hourly rate, expect to pay between £15-£35 per hour to have your lawn cut. If you have a contract with a gardener or gardening company to come in during the summer months then this figure should be at the lower end. Good gardeners are always busy so plan well ahead and set up a regular cutting schedule before the spring starts.

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Looking for a gardener to start as soon as possible? Compare FREE quotes from local gardeners in your area.

Grass cutting as part of garden services

Grass cutting maybe just one of a number of jobs you hire a gardener to do. Some people have a regular weekly or fortnightly slot with a gardening company who can come in and help with a range of tasks. Bear in mind that grass cutting is time-consuming particularly with large lawns and if you are cutting once a week then quite a lot of your gardener’s time may be spent on this job alone. Some people prefer to take over the grass cutting themselves to free up the gardener to deal with other jobs.

Lawns need other care in addition to grass cutting

Grass cutting companies usually offer services other than just mowing and if you want a good-looking lawn then there is more to it than just cutting the grass. Other lawn management jobs will include:-

  • Lawn edging which is also a time-consuming task with a half-moon edging tool. However, you can install a permanent edge and there are lots of different varieties available and that will certainly cut down on the work
  • Lawns need moss and weed removal on a regular basis as these will choke the grass - weeding can be done by hand if there is just the occasional plant or by using a low toxicity herbicide if they are more widespread
  • Mosses are the most problematic of the non-flowering plants that can invade a lawn and can really spoil the sward. Moss thrives in areas of excess moisture and shade and can also get a foothold if the turf is of poor quality. Moss won’t go away but will continue to take over the lawn and choke out the grass, it is exacerbated by rain and shade but also by drought. Scarifying can remove the moss which is done by hand using a rake if there are just small patches or by a machine which removes what is described as the thatch which is not just moss but all the dead organic matter that can inhibit grass growth
  • Aeration is the process which allows better penetration of water and air to the roots of the grass thus allowing the right nutrients to reach them. Lawns which suffer from mild water logging problems can benefit from this process. Aeration is the application of tiny holes in the soil of the lawn at certain intervals, it can be done by hand with a special tool or even with aerating shoes made just for the task. Larger lawns can be aerated by machine
  • Over-seeding could be just the lift your lawn needs and is when worn out and tired lawns are given a good feed with grass seed mixed with fertiliser. This will fill in damaged areas and parts of the lawn which have worn thin and make it harder for weeds and moss to invade. Before over-seeding takes place, the lawn needs to be scarified and/or aerated and mowed. Spreading can be done by hand on a small lawn but there are spreaders available for larger grass areas to help get an even distribution of seeds. Over-seeding is usually followed by a suitable amount of watering depending on rainfall levels (not overwatering) and the application of top dressing which provides nourishment and can help protect the seeds whilst they are germinating

A gardener or gardening services company will be able to advise you on the best garden maintenance and care for your lawn which can be factored in alongside a regular cutting schedule.

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Looking for a gardener to start as soon as possible? Compare FREE quotes from local gardeners in your area.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find a good local grass cutting service?

One of the best routes is to ask for a local recommendation either from work colleagues, friends or family or via a community group on social media. It is important to find someone who is trustworthy – you may not be there when they are – reliable and professional with the right lawn machinery and equipment. There are also online platforms which can filter your details through to local gardeners and gardening companies making it quicker and easier to find people who are available to your work.

What happens to the grass clippings?

Usually, the gardener will take the grass clippings away but you should be clear about this before you hire them. If you want them for your compost heap then just let him know when he comes in to cut.

Does your gardener or garden services company need to be insured?

A garden company or gardener who comes into your garden to cut the grass and undertake other gardening tasks should carry insurance to protect him in the event of an injury sustained whilst on your property.

Does the hourly rate include the cost of the fuel for the mower?

A quoted rate either on an hourly basis or as a one-off fixed price for mowing alongside some other garden chores or lawn maintenance should include the price of the fuel for the mower but always double-check that there are no add-ons when you hire the gardener. You may be charged for waste disposal but not usually for grass clippings; an extra fee will probably only apply if the company or gardener are undertaking other work at the same time and creating a large amount of debris and garden waste.

Does the gardener or grass cutting company need to see the lawn before they quote for cutting?

It would be usual for a gardener or company to visit the property before they take on the job. This is a good time to discuss any other work that your lawn might need in addition to cutting as cutting alone will not keep it in tip-top condition,

Why do some people charge more to cut the grass?

An hourly rate usually depends on the size of the company; generally, a sole gardener working by himself will be cheaper to hire than a larger gardening company but the downside of using just one person is their availability during the cutting season. They just might not be able to cut your grass when you need them to. Because your grass will need weekly cutting throughout the spring and summer, set up a schedule with a gardener which books him for several weeks at a time. If you demonstrate that you will be a regular customer then he will prioritise you over one-off jobs or other random work. Garden services companies will have more staff and availability but usually charge more, some larger companies will handle contracts for sports clubs and local councils so, despite the fact they employ lots of gardeners, their diaries will also fill up pretty quickly with contract work.

Find out if your local council provides a grass cutting service for elderly or disabled council tenants here. For more information on government guidance on lawnmowers and noise emission standards, see

Get Quotes From Local Gardeners

Looking for a gardener to start as soon as possible? Compare FREE quotes from local gardeners in your area.