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Sevenoaks is famous for its oaks with seven oaks planted on the north side of The Vine cricket ground in 1902 to commemorate the coronation of King Edward VI. However, the name and the settlement predate this event by several hundred years.

Oaks are still at the heart of this Kent town although six of these seven famous trees from the beginning of the last century were lost in the Great Storm and hurricane of 1987.

Whether trees are your passion or your gardening ambitions are a little smaller in size, find a gardener to help you create a fabulous green space this spring and chase away those winter blues. Gardening Costs offers a selection of tried and trusted professional gardeners in Sevenoaks to fulfil all your gardening needs.

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Gardeners can help with all sorts of things

Some people mistakenly believe that gardeners are just for large gardens or expensive makeovers but gardeners can help with weekly chores that you just don’t have time for or ad hoc projects that require some expertise and muscle power.

Your outside space has never been as important and many people are re-evaluating and redesigning their gardens to reflect more time spent at home. This might involve areas to relax in or a designated play space for children or perhaps even a vegetable or herb garden.

A gardener can help get you started on a more ambitious project and provide the expertise, labour and equipment to help with complicated tasks like taking out trees, putting in new beds or relaying a lawn. 

Sevenoaks gardeners will be gearing up for the season ahead but rest assured, we can help you find a gardener to suit your needs whether that is a little help here and there or an ambitious new project.

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What can a gardener do for you?

If you haven’t used a gardener before then you may be surprised at just what a range of services and help they can offer. 

Many people have preconceived ideas about gardeners but a gardener can help with all sizes and types of garden from the large and formal to the compact and contemporary.  Plus, you can access specialist services for challenging or one-off projects and jobs.

  • If you are a busy person or in the middle of a busy period, let a gardener take up the slack and help you with those regular chores which can quickly get out of hand like weeding paths and beds or cutting the grass
  • If you don’t have the strength, tools or expertise then a gardener can help on an ad hoc basis with winter clearance or putting in new beds or grass areas
  • Gardeners usually supply all their own tools and equipment saving you expensive purchase costs and the headache of maintenance and bulky storage
  • Enjoy your garden as a place of leisure and relaxation rather than working in it all the time
  • Garden designers can revolutionise your green space and create a whole new look and you don’t need a massive budget either
  • Avoid opting for the low maintenance look of hard concrete, stone and shrubs just because you don’t have the time or the inclination – have the garden you have always dreamed of and let a gardener take the strain in the growing season
  • Garden companies can help with big schemes like removing trees, grinding out stumps and laying patios and decking
  • If you fancy exploring new aspects of garden design and plants then work alongside your gardener to create innovative features like a herb garden, children’s play area or nature corner which is a haven for bees and birds
  • Stop worrying about the weather and let the work happen whilst you are busy elsewhere
  • A gardener can help with heavy or strenuous manual work especially useful for people who have limited mobility or other physical restrictions

Find the best gardeners in Sevenoaks

image from: https://homeguides.sfgate.com/change-front-garden-grass-gravel-21011.html

Most people who have a good gardener keep their identity a closely guarded secret.  So, how can you find a great gardener who is local, reliable and doesn’t charge the earth?

Using the Gardening Costs website, type in your personal information and some details about the work you want done and just wait for the quotes to arrive. All quotes are free and will be based on your postcode and come from gardeners who have the availability and skill to do your work.

Use our website to compare gardeners as other customers will have left feedback and reviews.

Don’t just choose a gardener based on cost as all gardeners will quote differently and some will charge by the job whereas others charge by the hour.

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Sevenoaks gardening services

Whatever your dreams this spring, our gardeners are ready and willing to help and we can find the best Sevenoaks gardener to suit your needs. Use our service more than once as your gardening requirements change throughout the year - we have many gardeners and specialist garden designers and landscaping services.

Gardening Jobs in Sevenoaks average costs

Grass cutting services


Cost: From £10 an hour

Lawn mowing prices explained


Cost: From £15-£40 an hour

Gardening Cost per Hour

image from: https://www.onlineturf.co.uk/knowledge-base/blog/how-quickly-do-i-need-to-lay-my-new-turf

Cost: From £15 an hour

Frequently Asked Questions

Do gardeners need insurance?

Gardeners should have public liability insurance and also cover that protects them from an accident or injury when using garden tools and equipment.

Can gardeners work in the rain?

Most gardeners are used to working in the rain but there will be certain jobs they can’t do if it is very wet like cutting the grass.                                

Is my personal data safe on the Gardening Costs site?

We take personal security very seriously and all the information you key into the enquiry page will be securely stored and kept in accordance with current GDPR. We never share your information with any other third parties.

Do I need to provide garden tools and equipment?

Normally, gardeners will use their own tools but it does depend on the job. If you have a large lawn and a ride-on mower for instance, then they may use yours rather than have to bring theirs on a trailer. For specialist tasks like stump grinding or felling trees, a gardener may need to hire in equipment.

Should I make an upfront payment to secure a gardener?

Most gardeners charge by the hour or have a set price for regular jobs like weeding or mowing the lawn. You wouldn’t usually pay a deposit unless you have agreed a set price for certain works like laying a new lawn or installing a patio.

Let Gardening Costs find the right gardeners in Sevenoaks

Use the site as often as you want to find different gardeners with different specialisms and expertise. We store your core information, all you need to do is just type in different job details. Try to be as clear and concise as possible as it will be easier for prospective gardeners to match themselves to your needs.
Check out your gardener by reading reviews and leave your own feedback to help other site users.  Gardening Costs is just one big gardening community.

Is it simple to use Gardening Costs?

There is no expertise required, it just takes a few moments to tap in your details and then just wait for the quotes to arrive.  Find a reputable and professional Sevenoaks gardener reviewed by others on the site so you know they are reliable and proven – it couldn’t be easier and quicker to find just the right person and make your garden dreams for 2021 a reality.