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With a warm and temperate climate, Hove can lay claim to some beautiful gardens, some official and open to the public and others tucked away and just cherished by private householders. With its Regency seafront and genteel aspect, Hove is home to the exotic and unusual as well as the traditional and classic when it comes to garden design.

If you have had enough of winter and lockdown then turn your thoughts to those long warm sunny days just around the corner, a chance to spend more time outside in your own green space. Gardening may be your passion or it may be a chore you dread, either way, a gardener can help create that little piece of paradise right outside your home.

Gardening Costs has a range of professional gardeners all easy to access via our site to help you with all your gardening needs great and small.

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Gardeners can help with all sorts of things

Some people mistakenly believe that gardeners are just for large gardens or expensive makeovers but gardeners can help with weekly chores that you just don’t have time for or ad hoc projects that require some expertise and muscle power.

Your outside space has never been as important and many people are re-evaluating and redesigning their gardens to reflect more time spent at home. This might involve areas to relax in or a designated play space for children or perhaps even a vegetable or herb garden.

A gardener can help get you started on a more ambitious project and provide the expertise, labour and equipment to help with complicated tasks like taking out trees, putting in new beds or relaying a lawn. 

Hove gardeners will be gearing up for the season ahead but rest assured, we can help you find a gardener to suit your needs whether that is a little help here and there or an ambitious new project.

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Gardening services

Gardeners can help you in lots of different ways, be hands-off if you don’t want the bother or get stuck in to learn new skills and develop different and innovative areas of your garden. 

  • Let a gardener take care of all the routine and boring chores like grass cutting and weeding so you can focus on new projects or just sit back and enjoy the view
  • Get some help for those jobs that need some extra manpower like garden clearance or landscaping new areas
  • If you have a small space then keep storage light and lose the shed; gardeners will bring their own tools which avoid the storage and purchase of garden equipment
  • Design your garden makeover with some help from a gardener who can advise you on your plans, help source plants and do some of the clearance work for you.  Garden makeovers don’t have to be created by designers and they don’t have to be expensive either
  • If you are tempted to just pave your garden over because you never feel you can get to grips with the work then ask a gardener for help and take back control plus enjoy an outdoor space you really want to be in rather than one which is low maintenance and practical but just a bit uninspiring
  • If you have grand plans then a gardener can help with taking out trees and moving borders or laying a new lawn
  • Take advantage of on-site expertise and start working on the delivery of your much-cherished dreams whether that is a nature area to encourage insects and birds, a sensory garden or just growing your own food for the family
  • Relax in the knowledge that your gardener is there to do the work when the weather is fine and you are busy elsewhere
  • Have a helping hand with heavy tasks like weeding or digging, especially useful for those with limited mobility or physical restrictions

Source the top gardeners in Hove

image from: https://homeguides.sfgate.com/change-front-garden-grass-gravel-21011.html

Isn’t it always the way that if someone has a good gardener they either don’t want to admit his identity or he is always too busy to take on new people. So, how do you find a new gardener who knows his stuff, turns up when he says he will and doesn’t charge the earth? The answer is simple. Use the Gardening Costs website to find a range of gardeners local to your postcode all with verifiable reviews and used by other people on the site.

Type in your details, put down some information about the job you want and then just wait for three or four free quotes to arrive in your mailbox, it’s just so easy.  Save time fruitlessly searching online and go straight to the experts for your next gardening job.  And best of all, you can make your choice based on genuine and authentic customer reviews.

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Hove gardening services

Whatever your dreams this spring, our gardeners are ready and willing to help and we can find the best Hove gardener to suit your needs. Use our service more than once as your gardening requirements change throughout the year - we have many gardeners and specialist garden designers and landscaping services.

Gardening Jobs in Hove average costs

Grass cutting services


Cost: From £10 an hour

Lawn mowing prices explained


Cost: From £15-£40 an hour

Gardening Cost per Hour

image from: https://www.onlineturf.co.uk/knowledge-base/blog/how-quickly-do-i-need-to-lay-my-new-turf

Cost: From £15 an hour

Frequently Asked Questions

Do gardeners need insurance?

Gardeners usually have their own public liability insurance although it can depend if they are a limited company or sole trader. They usually also have cover in the event of an accident using garden equipment.

Can gardeners work when the weather is wet?

There are lots of jobs gardeners can do when it's raining but wet weather can be annoying if they are scheduled to come in and mow your lawn; some garden jobs can’t be done when it’s raining. 

What happens to my personal data on your site?

Your private details are stored safely and securely and in line with GDPR. We will never pass on or sell your information to other companies.

Will a gardener use his own garden tools and equipment?

Usually yes, as it is easier and more convenient but it can depend on the job at hand so always check.  Sometimes a gardener will need to hire specialist equipment like a stump grinder or chain saw or a skip for clearing garden waste.

How do gardeners usually charge?

Many charge by the hour but large projects like a new lawn or patio may end up being quoted as a fixed price with a deposit paid up front.  Most gardeners are happy with cash but increasingly online transfers are being used directly to their bank account as this is so quick and simple.

How easy is it to use Gardening Costs?

No computer knowledge is required, just type in your information and click submit, then all you have to do is wait for the quotes to roll in safe in the knowledge that you are only being contacted by reputable gardeners in Hove who already know the work you want to be done in your garden.

Let Gardening Costs help

You can use Gardening Costs as much as you want and tap into the wealth of gardening expertise that exists in the Hove area.  Always keep your job details clear and concise, the better the description the more accurate your quotes will be and it will encourage the right gardeners to come forward with the skills and experience you need.

Look forward to springtime with Gardening Costs by your side, your number one aid for a beautiful garden in 2021.