How much does it cost to hire someone to cut the grass? Lawn mowing prices explained

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How much does it cost to hire someone to cut the grass? Lawn mowing prices explained

Looking for lawn mowing prices? Expect to pay around £15-£40 per hour for grass cutting services depending on where you live. Lawn care may attract a different cost and any lawn products that the gardener suggests you use as part of grass care and maintenance could be an additional cost on top of the hourly rate. Always check exactly what the hourly rate includes and whether it covers the cost of fuel for the mower.

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Cutting the grass is one of the biggest and most repetitive jobs for any householder during the spring and summer months and grass growth can continue well on into the autumn and early winter if the temperatures remain mild as they have done in the last few years. Many people simply don’t have the time to cut the grass every week and can find it difficult to spot the right weather opportunity if they are busy working full time. For some, it is just the constant chore of mowing the lawn when they either want to focus on other aspects of gardening or just relax and enjoy the garden at weekends without feeling they have to work in it.

A gardener or gardening company can come in regularly during the growing season and cut the grass and also undertake other gardening tasks as necessary leaving you free to enjoy the garden when you have free time with your family or friends. This can include other lawn-related tasks such as edging, scarifying, feeding and weeding. In general, mowing services are priced by the hour whether that forms part of a package of other gardening work or whether the gardener comes in weekly just to cut the grass.

What are the factors which affect lawn mowing prices?

There are three main factors which can affect the cost of lawn mowing and these are:-

  • Where you live – prices in the South East and London are always higher than the regions
  • How big the lawn area is and how long it takes to cut
  • How busy the season is, prices can be affected by an element of supply and demand. If there is a drought then most people won’t be left with any grass to cut but if we have a traditional English summer which is sun and rain then grass growth can be constant and strong from April through to the end of the summer

How can I make sure my lawn is cut every week?

It can be a worry with a busy gardening contractor that they won’t be able to cut the grass weekly or the lawn won’t be cut when you want it to look its best for a family party. They might even come in at an inconvenient time. If you want a regular slot each week or the same slot then it is best to engage a gardener on a year-round basis other than perhaps the very depths of winter, this way you can get into a routine and the gardener may well undertake other jobs in your garden in addition to mowing the lawn. The alternative is to be one amongst many on a garden company’s schedule and you might find that the slot each week when your grass is cut, will vary depending on what other things are in the timetable for that contractor. If you are a good and regular year-round customer then a gardener will always prioritise you over ad hoc customers who just come to him in the summer months for extra help.

how much does a gardener cost?

What are the advantages of hiring a gardener to mow the lawn?

There are lots of benefits to having a regular slot when your grass is cut each week and these include:-

  • It creates time for you to concentrate on other more important or enjoyable garden projects – grass cutting is very time consuming
  • A gardener can manage a regular programme of lawn care including edging, feeding and scarifying when the grass needs it
  • If you are busy working, then you can sit outside during the evening or at weekends and just enjoy the peace of your garden with a lovely mown lawn and without feeling pressured to be cutting it constantly
  • For people who have limited mobility or other physical restrictions, a grass cutting service can free them of the task and allow them to undertake other lighter duties in the garden or just sit back and enjoy it
  • If you need specific equipment either because the lawn has got out of hand or needs some other special attention, then a garden contractor can usually provide this for you. He may also have a larger and more efficient mower which will cut the grass more quickly and to a better finish than if you did it yourself

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What are the alternatives to a large lawn area?

You could opt to lose some of the lawn and incorporate it into other areas of the garden so increase the size of the borders or flower beds or create a designated play area for the children. Another possibility is to take the lawn up and install hard-surfaced areas such as a patio or decking. This has an initial upfront cost but thereafter is relatively cost-free just requiring some cleaning and maintenance at the beginning and end of the season.

Artificial turf

Artificial turf has come a long way from the early days when the emphasis was more on the artificial than anything else and synthetic grass looked rather like the sort of thing you would see on a greengrocer’s fruit and vegetable display. The new versions of artificial turf and synthetic grass require minimal upkeep and of course, you don’t need to mow it, saving time and cost. The other great thing about synthetic grass is that it looks good all year round so you can have a green lawn when everyone else is in drought and their grass has turned brown. It also stands up brilliantly to the wear and tear of children and dogs. The fibres are cut to different lengths and contain a mixture of varying shades of greens and browns so look just like the real thing. There is some maintenance required for artificial turf and it will need to be watered and swept occasionally, this is to lift out staining from birds and also any algae or moss growth. An average price to work to would be around £20 per square metre of artificial turf – this would not include the installation price.

Robotic lawnmowers

In the age of tech and automation, robotic lawnmowers are gaining in popularity and growing an increasingly large fan club. Robotic lawnmowers are designed to be used more frequently than a traditional mower and cut a small amount of grass more often. They are battery powered which ticks the eco-friendly box and use very little electricity to run.

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Frequently Asked Questions about lawn mowing prices

Who will come in and do mowing work?

All gardening companies will come in and do mowing work, it is one of their most popular spring and summer services. You don’t have to use a garden contractor, you can just use a sole gardener and if it is a relatively simple job – literally just the cutting – then a handyman or odd job man could do it.

If you are an elderly or disabled council tenant, find out more information on the government website on your local council's garden maintenance service.

Where can I find a gardener or gardening company?

Most people either go word of mouth or use a local advertiser, perhaps a magazine or a community group on social media. There are also internet platforms which will filter garden companies and gardeners for your specific purposes within a designated range of your postcode and based on the services that you are looking for.

I have a large lawn, how can I keep the lawn mowing costs down during the summer months?

Consider turning over some of the lawn to borders or pathways or just losing some for a hard-surfaced area like decking or a patio. You could also allow some of the lawn to run wild and keep it as an area to encourage wildflowers and insects or create a sports and play area for the children which will inevitably suffer but will leave you with a smaller area to keep pristine. Another option is to split the work with a gardener and do some of the cutting work yourself; this halfway house can work well as you are more likely to be able to fit around the weather but always coordinate what you are doing with the gardener so that you don’t cut across each other.

Is there such a thing as a fixed cost lawn mowing service?

If you want a handle on the costs then you can ask for a fixed price to cut your lawn which the gardener will base on the size and the initial condition of the lawn he is presented with. Some people prefer to do that than work at gardener hourly rate.

Will a gardener use my lawnmower?

This is up to you and the arrangement you have with the gardener or garden service company. Some gardeners prefer to use your equipment as it saves the wear and tear on their own, others who may charge more will prefer to use their own mowers which they are familiar with and which may be bigger, faster and offer a better cut. Discuss this with the gardener when he comes to price the work. There is no point offering him a mower with blunt blades which has seen better days as it will only take him longer to cut the grass and you won’t get such a good result.

If you are concerned about the potential noise implications in using a professional lawn mowing service, click here to find out more about government legislation on lawnmowers and noise emissions.

Will it reduce lawn mowing prices, in the long run, to hire a professional to look after my lawn?

Usually, it will save you money as lawns are very maintenance and care heavy and time-consuming and most people don’t keep proper control of them and so rather inevitably, it always ends up costing them more money in the long run to get the lawn back into shape.

What other care might my lawn need apart from mowing?

Cutting is one element of all-round, professional lawn care. To keep a lawn looking its best, it will require watering in prolonged dry periods, edging to provide that neat finish, weeding for unwanted plants and moss, scarifying and feeding with lawn food. To keep a lawn looking its best month in month out, there should be an annual programme of care and maintenance of which mowing is just one element.

My lawn is beyond hope, what can I do?

A lawn that is full of unwanted plants will take a long time to pull back round into something worth looking at so one option is to take the grass up and start again with fresh turf which will be well looked after and weed-free. This may also be a cheaper option if you compare it with the cost of hours of intensive lawn care and maintenance plus the outlay on weed treatments and lawn food.

How long does artificial turf last?

Well laid synthetic turf can last around seven to ten years if it is correctly looked after. The key to longevity is installation and you should be offered a guarantee on the turf but only if it has been laid by specialists.

What are the downsides to synthetic grass?

The drawbacks to artificial grass are the initial start-up costs and also the loss of that lovely scent of freshly mown grass in the summertime, plus you will lose biodiversity in your garden as real grass attracts numerous species of insects and birds. Fake grass is non-recyclable so as well as not supporting biodiversity whilst it is in place, it will also have to go to landfill when it reaches the end of its life.

Are the lawn care products the gardener uses organic and safe for the environment?

One of the main concerns for lawn treatment is that it is safe for pets and children to go on afterwards. There are organic treatments and you should check with your contractor about the safety of the products they use and if there is any recommended period that children and pets need to be kept off the grass after it has been treated.

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