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Garden Clearance Services

Garden clearance is a service that can transform overgrown, unloved outdoor spaces into peaceful sanctuaries where you can relax. 

There are multiple reasons you may require a professional gardener to complete the clearance work for you:

  • Removing large-scale overgrowth or tough, thick brambles.
  • Disposing of fly-tipped or ex-tenancy waste.
  • Dealing with invasive plant species, such as Japanese Knotweed.
  • Bringing a garden back into use at a previously vacant property.
  • Handling tree stumps and volumes of moss and weed growth.

A professional gardener can ensure that all waste material, bushes, unwanted weeds, and moss are thoroughly removed, allowing you to enjoy your garden again - and responsibly dispose of the debris. Fill out the form below and get garden clearance quotes in your area. 

Gardeners can also provide regular maintenance to keep shrubs and plants under control, preventing any recurrence of rapid growth that is difficult to stay on top of - so your garden remains green and clean all year round.

What Are the Advantages of Using Garden Clearance Services?

We recommend hiring an experienced gardener for most heavy-duty garden clearance projects, as they will have the tools and equipment necessary.

Often, an overgrown garden will require power tools to remove tree stumps or large branches and protective equipment against sharp thorns and any unknown objects in gardens that have been unused for some time.

Whether tackling a few prolific hedges or beginning a full landscaping project, you may be surprised at the volume of waste removed, so heavier loads are very difficult to transport and dispose of without a works vehicle, and often two or three extra sets of hands!

Professional garden clearance services can deal with almost any garden waste, including landscaping debris, old garden furniture, wooden sheds, and topsoil.

How Much Will Garden Clearance Cost?

Clearance services for gardens tend to be priced per hour, with the average rate for a one-person job around £100 to £150 per day.

Much depends on the size of your garden, where you are located, and the nature of the rubbish to be cleared, for example:

  • Central London and the southeast tend to be more expensive for hiring a gardener, primarily due to higher insurance and travel costs.
  • Waste requiring specialist handling or removal commands a premium - your gardener will need to pay appropriate licensing fees to dispose of this safely.
  • Large garden clearances often require a skip, so your gardener will need to include the costs of renting and emptying the skip, plus any license fees to have your skip delivered.

Before quoting for a garden clearance job, your gardener will need to assess how many days work they expect it to take, as if they need to bring a laborer or another gardener to assist, this will add to the overall budget.

Transport costs are typically based on weight because heavier garden clearances involving trees, branches, and garden furniture will take longer and be costlier to dispose of.

Garden Clearance as Part of a General Garden Service

Hiring a gardener is invaluable if you have struggled to keep your outdoor spaces in good condition or found that the plants and features in your garden require more maintenance than you can deal with.

From quoting on the clearance work to providing ongoing support, a trained gardener can help in several ways:

  • Recommending alternative planting schemes or species requiring less maintenance and growing less aggressively.
  • Laying a patio or deck area that is easier to care for.
  • Scheduling regular maintenance visits to remove weeds, moss, and overgrowing branches before they become an issue.
  • Planning pathways or drainage systems to help you access each part of your garden.
  • Removing any invasive plants and checking back to ensure they have been completely eradicated, protecting your garden and property from damage.
  • Suggesting low-maintenance alternatives, such as a slow-growing but robust turf or even artificial grass.

Many gardens become overgrown because it is difficult to appreciate the time and effort required to care for lawns and larger spaces, particularly in the winter months.

Preparation and planning will ensure your garden is manageable and designed to remain in great shape, with as little or as much maintenance as you wish.

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Staying on Top of Garden Clearance

Vacant properties can quickly become overgrown, with brambles embedding roots and growing over flower beds, ponds, pathways, and fences.

As well as being unsightly and making a garden unusable, this level of growth can lead to disputes with neighbors, property damage, and destabilize patios and other outdoor surfaces as the roots dig deeper into the soil underneath.

Regular maintenance is undoubtedly the best way to prevent a subsequent garden clearance requirement, keeping your costs down and ensuring that rental or holiday homes are ready to use, with beautiful garden areas.

Get Quotes From Local Gardeners

Looking for a gardener to start as soon as possible? Compare FREE quotes from local gardeners in your area.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Let's run through some of the frequently asked questions about the applications of garden clearance services and how to choose a professional gardener for your property.

How Can I Find an Affordable Local Garden Clearance Service?

We aim to make it easy and accessible for all homeowners to find a trusted gardener in their local area. 

Simply fill in a brief description of the work and your address, and you will receive up to four no-obligation quotes directly from professional gardeners nearby.

What Happens to Cleared Garden Waste?

A lot depends on the nature of the waste to be cleared from your garden. 

Most items, such as soil, plants, weeds, branches, and roots, are compostable. You can check with your gardener whether they offer eco-friendly facilities to remove and transport your garden waste to an appropriate site and avoid natural materials going to landfills.

Other items, including wooden sheds, glass greenhouses, and garden furniture, can also be disposed of responsibly. Local waste facilities sort rubbish items by material and send glass and wood to recycling plants where amenities are available.

If you have old paving slabs or brickwork, you may need your gardener to dispose of these through a waste center and pay the associated fee. 

Alternatively, if they are in reasonable condition, it's possible to sell these items and receive a contribution towards your clearance costs!

Hazardous waste, including anything that has been dumped in your garden, will need to be removed and incinerated - we advise against ever attempting to handle anything of this nature since you need tools and protective equipment to do so safely.

Does My Gardener Need to be Insured to Clear Outdoor Spaces?

Gardeners should hold a range of professional insurances, which protect you against any unlikely occurrences such as damage to your property or an injury that happens on-site.

You can ask to see copies of insurance certificates before your job begins or may be directed to a business site where you can verify your gardener's credentials before they start work.

Insurance should include public liability at a suitable level as a minimum, although many experienced gardeners will have more comprehensive coverage.

Do Garden Clearance Prices Include Equipment?

Yes, when you hire a gardener to clear your outdoor spaces, the cost should include everything required to complete the work from start to finish.

If in any doubt, you should consult your quotation and ask for a breakdown, so you are certain that the cost is inclusive of:

  • Total hours and labor time involved - if your quote is an hourly rate, you should agree to a maximum number of hours your gardener expects to charge.
  • Waste removal - including skip hire, replacement skips, waste disposal charges, and transport costs.
  • Equipment - if your gardener needs to hire specialist tools for the clearance project, they should include this charge in your quotation.
  • Licensing - although often not required, if you are in a restricted parking or access zone, and your gardener needs permission for a skip, for example, they should also incorporate this charge.

The only other potential cost is electricity, in the rare instance where your gardener needs to use mains power for a particular piece of machinery.

This circumstance is unlikely since most outdoor tools, including cutters, chainsaws, strimmers, and mowers, are fuel or battery-powered.

Does a Gardener Need to Visit My Home to Quote for Garden Clearance?

Potentially, yes. It is difficult for a gardener to provide an accurate quote without visiting your property and assessing the scale of the clearance project.

Even if you can provide images, it may be impossible to identify the depth of the roots to be removed, the extent of underlying damage underneath overgrown areas, and how long the project should realistically be expected to take.

Some gardeners will offer an indicative quote and may ask for a convenient time to visit your property to take a closer look.

They can usually do so during the day if you are at work and do not wish to be disturbed, or they can attend in the evening to view the clearance area alongside you.

What Are the Common Reasons to Need a Garden Clearance Service?

Around 80% of UK homes have a garden, but keeping outdoor spaces in good shape can be difficult and time-consuming, especially in cold, icy weather.

Garden clearances are common when moving into a new property, renovating an uninhabited home, restoring a garden in the spring, or when the maintenance has become too much of a burden for the homeowner to keep up with.

Get Quotes From Local Gardeners

Looking for a gardener to start as soon as possible? Compare FREE quotes from local gardeners in your area.