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Whether your ambition is to rival the displays in the Botanical Gardens or just have a modest tidy up before the warmer weather, one thing you can be sure of is that spring is just around the corner for Swansea gardens.

Whether you have a large or small garden, take inspiration from some of Swansea's finest like Clyne Gardens and Plantasia. We can help you create your own special green space to suit your requirements and your home to rival some of Swansea’s finest displays.

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How can a gardener help?

It is important to get organised and plan out what you want to do in the garden; some tasks you may enjoy doing yourself whereas others may be too time-consuming or difficult.  Some people just don’t want the hassle and a gardener can help you have all of the enjoyment and none of the work.  Perhaps you have a specific project in mind or even want to plan an entirely fresh look and garden makeover?  Maybe a cabin to double up as a home office is top of your list of garden priorities and you need to create an area with new landscaping? We can find a gardener to perfectly match all of your needs. 

How Does Gardening Costs Work?


1. Tell us some details of your gardening project

Let us know the details of the gardening work required.

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We have a national network of gardeners in the United Kingdom. Whether you are in Scotland or London, we can find a gardener.


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What are the advantages of hiring a gardener?

Whether you hire a gardener on a short or long-term basis, we can help you find the best gardeners in Swansea.  There are numerous benefits including:-

  • Buy in expertise for complicated tasks or projects like removing trees, landscaping or laying a patio or decking
  • Maximise your free time and enjoy your garden playing with the kids, relaxing or socialising without feeling you should always be working in it
  • Avoid the cost and storage headaches of expensive garden tools like power mowers, strimmers and hedge cutters
  • Having someone available to get the jobs done when the weather is right, why does it always rain at the weekend when you need to mow the lawn?
  • Plan new designs, makeovers and planting schemes with helpful specialist garden design services and advice  
  • Avoid the strenuous and heavy tasks like laying turf or digging over beds – a gardener can help those with limited mobility or physical restrictions and take the strain of more challenging garden jobs
  • Use a gardener for one-off chores like garden clearance or new planting
  • A gardener can keep on top of regular spring and summer tasks like mowing, pruning and weeding, ideal if you are away on holiday or busy at work
  • Learn new gardening skills with a gardener by your side to guide you and explore new plants and shrubs

Top Tips to finding the best gardeners in Swansea

image from: https://homeguides.sfgate.com/change-front-garden-grass-gravel-21011.html

We can send three or four free quotations from different gardeners and it’s down to you to choose which one to use.

  • Check out their reviews on our website
  • Decide if you want to employ someone for a fixed number of hours each week or whether you want a price for a one-off project like felling a tree or laying a new lawn
  • Be clear about whether the work will be costed on an hourly basis or as a one-off fee; large jobs are usually priced at a fixed charge
  • If certain gardening tools are required, ask whether the gardener will supply these or do they have to be hired in.  Most gardeners prefer to use their own tools as there can be insurance complications if they use your tools on a regular basis
  • If garden waste is created, find out how it will be disposed of – small amounts like lawn clippings can go on a compost heap but bigger tasks like garden clearance, lawn returfing or constructing a new fence can generate large amounts of garden debris which your gardener may charge you to dispose of
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Gardening services in Swansea

Whatever your gardening needs, we can supply a gardener to perfectly match your requirements whether you want regular help, assistance with a one-off project, a whole garden makeover or just some site clearance.

Gardening Jobs in Swansea average costs

Grass cutting services


Cost: From £10 an hour

Lawn mowing prices explained


Cost: From £15-£40 an hour

Gardening Cost per Hour

image from: https://www.onlineturf.co.uk/knowledge-base/blog/how-quickly-do-i-need-to-lay-my-new-turf

Cost: From £15 an hour

Frequently Asked Questions about Gardening Costs

What personal data do I need to put on the site?

All you need is the details of your job, your name and your postcode and gardeners in your part of Swansea will get in touch.

When I choose a gardener, do I need to pay a deposit?

No reputable gardener should ask you for payments up front.  The only exception to this is if you are planning a more major project and the gardener is required to buy materials specific to your job like fencing, decking or lawn turf.  In these situations, it would be usual to agree on the price of the job via an itemised quote and then pay a percentage deposit before work starts.

What is the best way to choose the right gardener in Swansea?

Personal recommendations are all well and good but decent gardeners are usually very busy plus, your best friend’s gardener may not have the skills needed for your particular project.

Using our service will allow you to search repeatedly for different gardeners helping you to find the best gardener in Swansea for your requirements whether you are looking for help with a new project or need some regular gardening work during the warmer months.

How does Gardening Costs work?

Just provide as much detail as you can about the work you would like done and your postcode which is all stored safely and securely on our system. You will then receive three or four free quotes from gardeners local to your home.

It’s so easy to find a gardener and you can go back again and again if you want different specific skills like garden design services, help with removing trees or patio construction. Our gardeners are reputable and tried and tested by other Swansea homes and site users. Turn your garden into what you have always dreamed of and spend time enjoying it this spring and summer.