Hiring garden tools? How to hire garden tools

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Hiring garden tools? How to hire garden tools

Most people keep some basic gardening tools for regular outdoor tasks but, on occasion, there can be a requirement to bring in heavier and more substantial power tools to deal with specific, one-off tasks and perhaps even some redesigning or new landscaping plans.

In most towns, there are tool hire companies which offer a range of equipment and machinery for garden work as well as outside construction projects like decking and patios – some are local companies and others are part of national chains. It can be really useful if you only want a particular item for a short period of time and can’t find anyone who can lend you one.

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What are the top ten garden tools which go on hire?

If you have a regular task or a new garden then it might make sense to invest in a particular piece of garden equipment. However, storage can be a problem so some people just prefer to hire when they need something. Here are the most commonly hired pieces of garden equipment:-

  • Petrol Strimmer Brush Cutter – designed to cut through thick and dense vegetation
  • Electric Lawn Rake and Scarifier – to remove thatch, debris and moss from your lawn promoting healthy grass growth
  • Garden Roller – ideal for improving lawns and helping grass plants make deep roots
  • Petrol Lawn Scarifier – to remove dead thatch and moss from lawn and other grassy areas particularly those which are too far away from a power source
  • Petrol Cultivator – this machine tills the topsoil on garden borders and vegetable plots and makes light work of large areas
  • Petrol Lawn Aerator – an invaluable tool which allows air and water to reach the roots of the grass also helping to relieve soil compaction
  • Petrol Rotavator – a tough and durable machine which is designed to break through the soil with a set of rotating blades. This can improve drainage and level the area before the seed is sown
  • Petrol Tree Stump Grinder – this makes light work of removing a tree stump and will even work below soil level to a depth of about 12”
  • Petrol Wood Chipper – if you have spare wood from a felled tree or smaller trees or woody shrubs, convert the deadwood into fabulous wood chippings which you can use to create your own garden mulch
  • Petrol Turf Cutter – if you fancy a whole new lawn then this piece of kit will make light work of removing strips of turf so you can prepare a new soil bed and lay fresh turves

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What are the benefits of hiring tools?

There are several clear benefits to too hire and these include:-

  • Cost - purchasing garden tools can be expensive, a decent sit on mower will easily reach £2,000, the cost of hedge cutting tools and strimmers can be several hundred pounds
  • Tool storage can be problematic if you are short on space – most garden machinery needs to be kept under cover preferably in an environment that is not damp. You also need to be able to store fuel safely if you are using petrol-driven equipment
  • Garden equipment needs maintenance and care, strimmers and ride-on mowers require regular servicing and repair work from time to time. If you hire tools then you don’t have to worry about their care and maintenance. Everything you hire will work!
  • Tool hire is cost-effective particularly if you have a one-off redesign or landscaping project which needs a range of tools which you will probably only want once and never use again
  • If you are a novice gardener or a novice to the new task at hand, a garden tool hire company can help advise you on what is the most appropriate piece of equipment for your job and also show you how to use it

Other considerations

You may require some PPE – Personal Protective Equipment – to use some of this machinery and it may be your responsibility to provide this. For instance, it is also worth wearing goggles if you are using a strimmer to avoid any stones flying up and this is highly recommended when operating a stump grinder. Ultimately, you may find the job is best done by a professional and that the cost of tree stump removal or grinding is reasonable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the machinery arrive at my home?

When you hire a piece of garden equipment, it will be delivered on the start date of the contract and collected on the final day. If it is a small item like a strimmer then you can usually pick these up yourself. If the item has to be delivered due to its size then check out whether the hire fee you are quoted includes a delivery charge or whether this is an extra cost.

What are the normal hire periods?

These can vary depending on the hiring company but generally, they are 24 hour and 48-hour windows and weekly.

Is a licence or other certification required to use the tools?

If you are a private hirer and are using the tools within your own domestic garden setting then there will be no additional certification required which is sometimes the case with trade customers.

Is the equipment insured?

Ask the hire company whether the equipment is insured for theft or whether they expect you to arrange this. Garden machinery is a particular target for thieves so it is also worth enquiring about any security measures the hire company may require you to have in place if you are hiring the equipment for several days.

How can I find a tool hire company near me?

Use Google or an online enquiry platform which should bring up a list of local independent companies and also some national hire companies which have an outlet near where you live. Compare terms on the piece of equipment you are interested in hiring and watch out for hidden charges like add-ons for insurance and delivery charges.

Does the item come with an instruction manual?

Some hire companies are more helpful than others. Some organisations will put all the relevant paperwork online so you can easily access it from your electronic device and this includes health and safety guidance and some general useful gardening information and advice.

Fore more information on the use of garden tools and noise emissions, see this government resource. For more information on noise pollution from neighbours and from garden work, see this Which? article.

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Looking for a gardener to start as soon as possible? Compare FREE quotes from local gardeners in your area.