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Kent, known as the garden of England, is well known for its rich, fertile soil and southern climate which present the perfect growing conditions for keen gardeners.

If you are inspired by the beautiful displays at Hever Castle or Godinton house then let our gardeners help you capture your dreams and turn them into reality. We offer services to help with all garden schemes great and small, whether you are looking for some weekly help throughout the growing season or are planning a new and grand design for a summer of outdoor enjoyment.

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Gardeners can help with all sorts of things

Some people mistakenly believe that gardeners are just for large gardens or expensive makeovers but gardeners can help with weekly chores that you just don’t have time for or ad hoc projects that require some expertise and muscle power.

Your outside space has never been as important and many people are re-evaluating and redesigning their gardens to reflect more time spent at home. This might involve areas to relax in or a designated play space for children or perhaps even a vegetable or herb garden.

A gardener can help get you started on a more ambitious project and provide the expertise, labour and equipment to help with complicated tasks like taking out trees, putting in new beds or relaying a lawn. 

Maidstone gardeners will be gearing up for the season ahead but rest assured, we can help you find a gardener to suit your needs whether that is a little help here and there or an ambitious new project.

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What are the advantages of hiring a gardener?

Our services cover every type of gardening need so you can enjoy your garden without looking at it as a place of work.  Here are just some of the tasks a gardener can help with:-

  • Specialist or heavy work like relaying a lawn or putting in new borders and flower beds
  • Getting the work done when the weather is right, tricky to manage if you are busy working, doesn’t it always just seem to be raining when you have free time?
  • Avoid the cost of buying garden equipment which you may only use occasionally and which can be difficult to store if space is tight
  • Redesign your garden for a fresh new look this spring.  Makeovers don’t have to be expensive, an experienced gardener can help you make the most of your outdoor space without big changes, sometimes lots of small alterations can achieve a big impact
  • Gardeners can take on heavy tasks which you may not be able to manage especially if you have limited mobility or a health condition.  Keep the lighter chores for yourself and let the gardener take the strain
  • A gardener can get you going with those jobs you just can’t face like garden clearance
  • Get help with those never-ending weekly chores like weeding and cutting so you can spend more time in the garden relaxing rather than working, ideal if you have a busy life and want to come home to a beautiful green space to enjoy with your family
  • Learn new skills and tackle different planting schemes, even change your garden design with an experienced gardener by your side.  If you enjoy gardening then you don’t have to stop just because you have a gardener.  Help in the garden can allow you the time to explore different aspects of gardening that you may not normally have time for

Finding the best Maidstone gardener

image from: https://homeguides.sfgate.com/change-front-garden-grass-gravel-21011.html

Spend just a few minutes keying in some details and our service will supply you with three or four free quotations from local gardeners who can take on your job. You will be spoilt for choice!  So, how do you pick the right one for you?

  • We are all automatically attracted to the lowest price but there could be hidden add ons that bump up the cost and which you are not aware of.  Make sure you are comparing like with like when you look at pricing and that the quotes are fully inclusive
  • Check out the reviews on our website
  • Be clear with your selected gardener about the work you want to be done and how you will pay for this, is it going to be a one-off fee or charged at an hourly rate?
  • Make sure the gardener supplies their own tools and that they have the right equipment for the job.  If they need to undertake specialist work like stump grinding, will they need to hire in a machine?
  • If there is a lot of garden waste created, is there a further cost attached to the disposal?
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Maidstone gardening services

Whatever your dreams this spring, our gardeners are ready and willing to help and we can find the best Maidstone gardener to suit your needs. Use our service more than once as your gardening requirements change throughout the year - we have many gardeners and specialist garden designers and landscaping services.

Gardening Jobs in Maidstone average costs

Grass cutting services


Cost: From £10 an hour

Lawn mowing prices explained


Cost: From £15-£40 an hour

Gardening Cost per Hour

image from: https://www.onlineturf.co.uk/knowledge-base/blog/how-quickly-do-i-need-to-lay-my-new-turf

Cost: From £15 an hour

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Are my personal details safe on your site?

Our site is fully compliant with current GDPR and all your data is stored safely and securely.

Should I pay a deposit to secure a gardener?

If you have agreed to pay a regular gardener an hourly rate then you wouldn’t normally expect to put down a deposit.  Where this may vary is if you have arranged to have a specific task done like relaying a lawn or building a patio. These types of jobs are usually charged at a set cost and it would be normal to pay a deposit in advance, particularly if the gardener has to buy materials.

How can I be certain that I have found the right Maidstone gardener?

When you receive our free quotes, check out the gardeners on our site where they will have reviews left by other people.  Our feedback is authentic and genuine, unlike other sites.  You can keep searching until you find the right gardener for you, there is no limit on how many times you search or how many jobs you list.

How to use Gardening Costs

To get the best response, it is useful to include as much clear and relevant detail about what you are looking for, this can save wasting time. 

Just tap in your details on our secure site and the quotes will arrive within a few hours, so much easier than asking around or looking up gardeners online that you don’t know anything about.  Get spring-ready with Gardening Costs, a network of professional and reputable gardeners just a click away.