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Do gardeners work in the rain?

British weather is nothing if not unpredictable and all gardeners have to have a wet weather plan. Some gardening jobs cannot be undertaken in the wet but others can. Rain is an integral element, required for good garden growth, drought can be the enemy and so an established and experienced gardener will have a wet weather plan and check the forecast regularly so he can plan his work accordingly.

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What sort of work can a gardener do in the rain?

Scheduling around the forecast, a regular gardener will allocate certain tasks to rainy days. Pruning is one wet weather job, digging and mowing usually are not although some lawns can be mown in the wet, it just depends on how well drained the soil is and the length of the grass. Customers who have a regular slot but are flexible will find a gardener is much more efficient and reliable; he can plan his work around the weather and the needs of your garden.


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Working in the garden in the rain

This is something everyone has to do from time to time and, as the old saying, goes, there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. Your gardener like many other people who work outside in all weathers will have a range of flexible, waterproof and breathable clothing to enable him to keep dry and work in comfort. A change of clothing is essential so that long days don’t mean standing in wet clothes. Working outside in the rain requires just as much care in clothing choice as long, hot days.

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Working with the weather

It is really important that a gardener knows his climate and can plan ahead and work with the weather, not against it – after all, you can’t change it. Many days of prolonged rainfall will mean grass cutting is not an option despite what customers want. Some jobs just simply can’t happen in wet weather.

Much gardening work can continue in the rain, there are just some specific tasks where damage could be caused like mowing the lawn. In the summer, even after cloud bursts and torrential rain, the ground will dry out surprisingly quickly and work can carry on.

A regular gardener will plan his work around the weather; continuity ensures that some bad weather won’t matter, he is familiar with your garden and knows just what needs doing so it can be easy to swap tasks to fit in with showers and longer deluges. A gardener who is employed on an ad hoc or one-off basis is going to find it much harder to work around rainy days if the specific tasks you want to be done are not wet weather friendly. Some gardening work is weather appropriate so picking the right day is even more important if you don’t have a regular gardening service.

Gardeners know how to work around wet weather, this is England after all! And don’t forget that one of the most important and welcome things for your gardener on a rainy day is a steaming hot cup of tea!

For more information on the working life of a gardener, take a look at this article on the National Careers Service, and this article from the Health and Safety Executive on the health and safety precautions that ground workers and gardeners need to take.

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Looking for a gardener to start as soon as possible? Compare FREE quotes from local gardeners in your area.